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The introduction image of a new campus, Perth in the building, and 3D walk through Movie have been opened to the public.

get Windows Media Player Attention:You will need a Windows Media Player to watch the movies(wmv format).
(If you do not have a media player may download one for free.)

Kyushu University Block plan for Engineering zone Image movie (Japanese only)
♦For Broadband:(WMV format:320x240 pix) ♦For Narrow band:(WMV format:240x180 pix) 
vol.1(1:12):[3.8MB] vol.1(1:12):[1.8MB]
vol.2(1:37):[5.2MB] vol.2(1:37):[2.5MB]
vol.3(1:18):[4.1MB] vol.3(1:18):[2.0MB]

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